Richard Carter, web designer

I’m a consultant web designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. I work with on MediaWiki and Magento, Drupal and WordPress. I also run training courses including Introduction to HTML & CSS, and founded web design agency Peacock Carter Ltd.

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MediaWiki consultancy, maintenance, development and training courses from one of the leading consultants on the platform.


From Magento training courses and Magento theme development, to SEO and conversion rate optimisation advice, my team and I can help.

Web Design Consulting

From to open source software consulting to writing web design curriculum, I've helped organisations around the world perform smarter and faster.
Richard Carter, web designer

I'm a frontend web developer and web design consultant based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.
Working with a select number of open source platforms, including Magento (including Community & Enterprise Editions), Drupal, MediaWiki and WordPress, I like to work in partnership with clients to achieve your goals. Previous clients include the University of Edinburgh, NHTV Breda University in the Netherlands, Directgov, Badminton England and City & Guilds.

I love LEGO, Durham Cathedral, real ale, train travel and Sass.

Books by Richard Carter

Magento (1.8) Theme Development book by Richard Carter Responsive Magento Theme Development book by Richard Carter Drupal Commerce book by Richard Carter Magento 1.4 Theme Development book by Richard Carter Magento 1.3 Theme Development book by Richard Carter Joomla Themes book by Richard Carter MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter

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A list of LEGO events for AFOLs in the UK for 2015

Looking around the web, there doesn’t currently seem to be any single list of the AFOL and LEGO events in the UK for 2015, so here’s one I’ve put together. If you have a LEGO event to add in, please get in touch by Twitter (@RichardCarter) or contact me. And, obviously, check the event details… Read more »


Peacock Carter is 8!

Wahey! Peacock Carter is 8 years old this November. 8 years in the same business: quite a daunting thought! As I’m sure many other SME owners and staff can attest, there is a lot of room for change in 8 years: We’re now a limited company, having started as a partnership Almost like the Sugababes,… Read more »


Durham Cathedral in Lego – 105,000 bricks and a lot more fun

As most of you will know from my frequent, unsubtle mentions on Twitter, I’ve been volunteering at Durham Cathedral in the past year. As one of the 70 or so volunteers helping to build Durham Cathedral in Lego since July 2013, we’ve now raised over £105,000 from individuals and organisations donating towards — and more… Read more »