3UK mobile broadband dongle payments on bank statements

Posted on by Richard Carter

Sorting out my expenses for Richard Carter Consultancy Ltd which launched last year, I was trying to track down payments to Three UK for mobile in my bank statements and couldn’t find any references to the (so I thought) obvious “THREE”, “THREEUK”, “3UK” or even “3″ as a payee name in my online bank statements.

Three UK’s reference in my bank statements, as it turns out, appears as H3G appended by a customer reference number or similar, which stands for “Hutchison 3G”. In retrospect, fairly obvious when I think about it!

Hopefully this post will help someone wasting 20 minutes of their life looking like I did!

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2 Responses to 3UK mobile broadband dongle payments on bank statements

  1. Many thanks, you have saved me those precious 20 minutes!

  2. MR Douglas ABBOTT says:

    I Have put £50 pons in my NATWEST Account to pay H3G THANK you yours sincerely MR d ABBOTT