TFL MFM on bank statements

Tonight’s head scratcher for me was coming across TFL MFM on my bank statement. It was only for a small amount (£5.60), but I didn’t remember spending that amount with any company of that name, so I did some thinking.

I was in London at the time for a client of Peacock Carter London (about the time I met @HelloMilo), but for some reason, when ‘TFL’ didn’t translate to Transport for London in my brain, I turned to Google, which gave me the answer I was looking for: it was for a tube ticket. And for those interested, MFM stands for “Multi-Fare Machine“!

Mystery solved!

2012 update: if TFL MFM is still appearing on your cards, the value for a day pass for zones one and two is £7 these days!

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  1. Mark

    Thanks… you’ve just cleared the same mystery for me! Now all I have to do is figure out why Digby Trout Restaurants took £15 too… and more importantly where Iwas on that day!

    • Richard Carter

      Yep, it took me a bit of head scratching to work out I was even in London on that day!

  2. Mark

    Thanks ……….Saved my bacon to been scratching my head and looking for receipts when I turned to Google & found this

  3. paul

    Same here. Only that now (i.e. May 2011) it is EUR5.73, plus bank charge EUR0.5…

  4. Martin Breen

    Will have to go back to the bank now and apologise!!! after arguing with them – as I did not pay any money to TFL MFN but now realise had drunken weekend in London like the rest of you all!!! and spent some money….PS god bless the Oyster Card System!!


    Thanks I had forgotten that I topped up my daughters oyster card – couldnt think what I had spent £10 on.

  6. Lotte Anna

    pfew thanks! was about to contact bank about possible scam.

  7. Ray C

    I had 6 charges on my card, I live in Utah and have never been to London! Hmmmmm….

  8. Bee

    Thanks for the comments on TFL MFM – mystery solved! Trying to work out my boss’s expenses!! :-)

  9. OxWearingSocks

    My heart was beating a bit then when I saw 3x TFL MFM’s on my statement recurring daily. You’ve kept my sanity there, thanks!

  10. DDoyle

    Ha, same exact thing for me. Came across your post via Yahoo search for “TFL MFM” – and now the charge on my card makes complete sense to me too. Thank you!

  11. Harry

    I had for pounds come out on a day that i didnt spend anything on transport, and have no idea what is going on ?

  12. peter goude

    Thanks Richard. I too was puzzled until I saw your post. I went to London only last Saturday and completely forgot I’d used my card on the tube!

  13. genny g

    Thank you for all the TFL MFM postings. My credit card was stolen in Dec 3,2011 while I was on holiday in London. I had about 27 TFL MFM illegal transactions made to my card. I have contacted my bank and TFL on this. I wonder if they are able to trace who the thief/thieves are.

  14. Martin M

    Saw this on my CC bill and had no clue what it was.
    I was in London and did indeed top up there :)

  15. Maggie Mackenzie

    Thanks Richard. So it’s not a fraudulent charge from TGIs as my husband assured me it was. It was the train journey he made from Holborn after a boozy night out!

  16. Vivienne Lafferty

    It may be two and a half years on, but you have solved the mystery for me too. Thank you Richard (and Google).

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