TFL MFM on bank statements

31 August 2010

Tonight’s head scratcher for me was coming across TFL MFM on my bank statement. It was only for a small amount (£5.60), but I didn’t remember spending that amount with any company of that name, so I did some thinking.

I was in London at the time for a client of Peacock Carter London (about the time I met @HelloMilo), but for some reason, when ‘TFL’ didn’t translate to Transport for London in my brain, I turned to Google, which gave me the answer I was looking for: it was for a tube ticket. And for those interested, MFM stands for “Multi-Fare Machine“!

Mystery solved!

2012 update: if TFL MFM is still appearing on your cards, the value for a day pass for zones one and two is £7 these days!