3UK mobile broadband dongle payments on bank statements

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Sorting out my expenses for Richard Carter Consultancy Ltd¬†which launched last year, I was trying to track down payments to Three UK for mobile in my bank statements and couldn’t find any references to the (so I thought) obvious “THREE”, “THREEUK”, “3UK” or even “3” as a payee name in my online bank statements. Three… Read more »

Extension of MediaWiki services at Richard Carter Consultancy

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I’ve recently extended the MediaWiki services offered by Richard Carter Consultancy on the basis of previous client requests. In particular, I recently helped 2 clients improve the search engine friendliness of their MediaWiki websites, and provided customised user guides on a handful of open source software; the resulting services are thus SEO for MediaWiki and… Read more »

Guide to writing website design tenders

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At Peacock Carter, a reasonable percentage of our work in any given year is from website design tenders and requests for proposal, and I see the same few issues year after year. As such, I’ve taken the time to write a guide to writing website design tenders, with a few pointers – and, hopefully, ample… Read more »


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A quick review of what 2011 was like for me. tl;dr: conference, book, Twedding, Drupal North East, new logo, conference, birthday, new company, conference, birthday, Christmas. January It’s nice to have been able to start the year off with a trip down to Nottingham for the New Adventures Conference. There was probably an intercourse-load of… Read more »