MediaWiki Consultant

I’m an experienced MediaWiki consultant, having written MediaWiki Skins Design and acting as a technical reviewer on the MediaWiki 1.1 Beginners Guide book.

MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter

MediaWiki consultants can help you to ensure you get the most from your wiki, whatever its purpose, advise on customising and improving MediaWiki for your own needs and even provide MediaWiki training courses to improve your knowledge and use of MediaWiki.

MediaWiki experience

I’ve worked on many MediaWiki projects through Peacock Carter, with previous clients including Directgov,, NHS Choices and University College Dublin, with projects ranging from MediaWiki skin customisation to custom development of MediaWiki.

Richard Carter Consultancy has since overseen the majority of MediaWiki consultancy work I’ve been involved in, with clients including Central Milton Keynes Town Council and ┬áthe University of Applied Sciences, Breda, in the Netherlands.

HTML5 skin for MediaWiki

I’m currently working on a HTML5 skin for MediaWiki, to be released in August 2012.

If you’d like to work with a seasoned MediaWiki consultant or are in need of MediaWiki training courses, please contact me via Richard Carter Consultancy.