Specialist UK ecommerce consultant

I’m an experienced ecommerce consultant based in the UK. I have 10+ years of commercial experience in planning, designing, building and supporting ecommerce projects across a multitude of platforms.

Whether you’re commissioning a new ecommerce website or wanting to revitalise your ecommerce website, I’m able to help with a small team of trusted ecommerce professionals including the team at my ecommerce agency, Peacock Carter.

I pride myself on being a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable ecommerce professional, so you can expect honesty, integrity and experience from me.

How an ecommerce consultant can help you

I’ve been working with ecommerce platforms such as Magento and Magento Enterprise for over 10 years in a commercial capacity. Past ecommerce consultancy projects I have been involved in have included:

  • Full ecommerce planning, designing and build projects for both B2C and B2B clients
  • Ecommerce feasibility studies – studying the feasibility of various platforms for their suitability to your requirements
  • Ecommerce agency mitigation – acting as an impartial third party between you and your agency to identify and iron out problems
  • Magento Community consultancy and Magento Enterprise consulting – design, build, auditing, support, consultancy and training for the Magento ecommerce platform
  • Bespoke ecommerce integrations – integrating third party systems such as accountancy, HR, customer relationship management and even games download platforms such as Ztorm in to Magento
  • Ecommerce SEO audits – identifying issues with your website’s build quality which may be negatively effecting your search engine rankings
  • Ecommerce training courses – workshop-led, workshop-style ecommerce training sessions to impart knowledge and best practice in a range of topics, including:

Experienced ecommerce consultant

Learning Magento Theme Development

I work with a group of trusted web development, ecommerce and digital marketing consultants to fulfill clients’ requirements. I’m the author of 5 books on ecommerce platforms, including Magento Responsive Theme Development and Learning Magento Theme Development (Packt Publishing), and have worked with both small businesses starting out on ecommerce to

Previous ecommerce experience includes:

  • Speaking at ecommerce and web design events throughout the UK on a regular basis
  • Bilingual website implementation – from common European languages to RTL languages such as Arabic
  • Multicurrency websites – from Euros to GBP, US Dollars to AED and Swiss Francs, I’ve seem them all
  • Acting as a technical reviewer on ecommerce and website design books and publications

If you would like to work with me on your next ecommerce consultancy project, please contact me on 0191 499 8456 (+44191 499 8456 from abroad), or email me via hello@peacockcarter.com.