MediaWiki HTML5 skin

Aims of the MediaWiki HTML5 Skin

I had a couple of rough aims when creating this MediaWiki skin. It’s not perfect, but it is, I think, a decent start towards gearing MediaWiki towards HTML5 skin-wise. I’m still working on the skin!

  1. To provide a base skin for MediaWiki using HTML5
  2. To do so without changing core files in MediaWiki

As such, it’s not fool-proof, but it’s a start towards HTML5. I came across quite a number of other MediaWiki projects involving HTML5 you might find of use, which I’ve listed below. Of particular interest to me was the Mozilla Developer Network wiki, which seems to be a custom (unreleased for obvious reasons) HTML5 skin for MediaWiki.

More HTML5-ing for MediaWiki

Looking at MediaWiki’s HTML5 project page should give you hints as to how far you can get in HTML5-ing your wiki installation (you might find the $wgHtml5 setting for your wiki’s LocalSettings.php file especially useful).

Setting up

For the full effect, you will need at least version 1.16.0 of MediaWiki, which is the first version that includes the $wgHtml5 setting.

More on HTML5

There’s plenty of information on the web about HTML5. I’ve found a few sources particularly helpful, including:


Sorry, but I don’t have the time to offer free support for this! If you’re really stuck, consider hiring me through Peacock Carter, or take a look at my MediaWiki Skins Design book (the examples use XHTML not HTML, but the MediaWiki-specific content is what you might find useful!).

If you find a bug, I’d love to know, so contact me and I’ll fix it and upload the newer version as soon as I can.