Web Design Speaker

I speak on the topics of best practice in web design and responsive design, as well as open source content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and MediaWiki.

So, if you’re after a web design speaker I might be of use; as an after dinner speaker, not so much.

Topic Come again? Event Date
’25 ways to crush your competition online’ A detailed look at multiple case studies of good and bad practice in ecommerce conversion and optimisation. NE Women’s Business Network, Newcastle upon Tyne February 2015
‘Social Media Fails’ A light-hearted look at the good, the bad and the ugly on Twitter and Facebook. Computing Society, Durham University, UK May 2014
‘A responsive workflow for WordPress’ A talk-through of the workflow I use for developing responsive WordPress themes. Slides here. WordPress North East, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK September 2013
‘Introduction to Drupal Commerce’ An introduction to Drupal Commerce, to the Drupal North East user group. @vickytnz kindly provided a write-up on her blog. Drupal North East, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK May 2013
‘Entrepreneurship Panel’ Member of a discussion panel on entrepreneurship at New College Durham on behalf of the Young Entrepreneurs Trust. New College Durham, Durham, UK April 2012
‘Designing a different type of website’ A discussion of my approach to a wiki customisation for a client of Richard Carter Consultancy Ltd. DesignInterest, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK March 2012
‘Drupal website build case study’ A step-by-step walkthrough of a Drupal website built for a client. Drupal North East, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK November 2011
‘Design/CMS integration’ II A heavily updated talk based upon my SuperMondays talk. Front Row Conference, Krakow, Poland October 2011
Design/CMS integration “As frontend developers, it’s often our job to integrate (X)HTML and CSS with various content management systems, forums and discussion boards, ecommerce platforms and other software.So, are all theming experiences the same? Obviously not. This talk aims to promote discussion about best practice in theming/templating/skinning, with a view to leaving us techies all more enlightened.Richard Carter, Creative Director at Peacock Carter Ltd, takes us through a selection of popular open source software packages and the ups, downs and total cock-ups he’s seen along the way.” SuperMondays, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK July 2011

If you’d like to talk to me about speaking, please get in touch.