Specialist web design consultant

UK web design consultant, Richard Carter

I am an experienced web design consultant available for hire in the UK and around the world.

A web consultant can do much more than help build you a website. Whilst I have 10 years of experience in building websites with a huge range of technologies and systems, from WordPress and Drupal to Magento and MediaWiki, I’ve:

  • helped clients get to grips with the web
  • improve their web design practices
  • make the web work for them
  • consulted on ecommerce websites and content managed websites alike
  • written assessments and exam questions on web design and graphic design for the web for national curriculum

How a web design consultant can help

As a seasoned, practicing web designer and frontend web developer, I can help you and your organisation to:

  • Advise whether a specific platform is a good fit for your website project
  • Intervene and troubleshoot in web design and development projects that are overrunning or not delivering otherwise
  • Train you and your staff on various platforms including Magento and MediaWiki to maximise your
  • Consult and speak on best practice in frontend web development practices, particularly on WordPress and Magento
  • Train graphic and web designers on the fundamentals of creating websites, through my HTML and CSS for beginners’ course
  • Improve your current ecommerce or brochure website with analysis and conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Look through your existing website and identify likely weak points for search engine optimisation with SEO audits; I have a lot of experience in field, helping both WordPress and Magento clients find the bottlenecks and issues holding their websites behind.

And so much more!

Experienced web design consultant

Learning Magento Theme Development

As part of my role as a web design consultant, I have:

  • Advised organisations large and small on the best platform for their business objectives
  • Written 7 books on website design and content management/ecommerce systems
  • Consulted to develop exam questions and assessments for a new web design curriculum in Saudi Arabia
  • Acted as a mediator between clients and their web design agencies when projects have gone wrong
  • Built hundreds, if not thousands, of brochure and ecommerce websites for clients around the world
  • Acted as a technical reviewer for web design and development books for publishers including Apress

Please contact me if you would like to discuss using my web design expertise on your project.