Caffe Z, Newcastle

10 September 2010

Following on from my long-overdue review of Madrasi in Newcastle, here’s a review of Caffe Z in Sandyford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The service

The service was relaxed and friendly: we weren’t hurried to finish our meal, which happens more often than not), and the waiters were able to recommend dishes without hesitating, which is always a bonus!

The food

Caffe Z seems to be in most good-food type guides (including a recent Tyne & Wear Good Food guide I happened to pick up), so it’s exactly what I expected: fantastic, Italian food with a twist: they don’t serve most typical dishes you’d expect from more populist restaurants such as Nino’s or Ask, but serve more ‘exotic’ dishes. I ended up with a dish involving pasta, tomato and courgette (though I’m buggered if I can remember its name),

My favourite was the ‘Ananassa’ dish, which was fried pineapple with cinammon ice cream: incredible!

The atmosphere

It seemed like a fairly ‘trendy’ place: there was a family there with pre-teen children whilst the parents’ wore ‘HUMAN RIGHTS FOR KENYAN CHILDREN’ t-shirts (the ‘dad’ had a huge greying beard), but the prices were on par with the chain restaurants with the food at another, higher level. Caffe Z is certainly a rose amongst thorns considering the mass of mediocre and even average Italian restaurants in Newcastle.

Even on a quiet weekday night, Caffe Z was buzzing, which I take as a good sign!


Overall, I loved Caffe Z