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  • Drupal 7 Webforms Cookbook published

    A book I acted as a technical reviewer for has just been published. Drupal 7 Webforms Cookbook, by Vernon Denny, is a guide to one of Drupal’s most popular contributed modules with allows great flexibility in creating custom web forms through Drupal’s administration panel. Written in Packt’s by-now-familiar ‘cookbook’ format, the book contains over 70… Read more »

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  • Review of Drupal 7 Themes book

    After being asked to review Inkscape 0.48 Illustrator’s Cookbook the other month, I’m back on the topic of Drupal, with a review of Packt’s recent Drupal 7 Themes book by Ric Shreves ( Drupal 7 Themes book page on Packt’s website). Chapter 1: Learning the Basics of Drupal Theming Chapter 2: Working with the Default… Read more »

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  • Drupal North East

    Just a quick post for those NE-based Drupal nerds about Drupal North East, the newly formed Drupal user group for the North East of England. The first meet-up for Drupal NE was on Wednesday, 20th April, at 7:30 at my old favourite the Bridge Hotel. The plan is to hold regular (i.e., monthly) events, and… Read more »

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