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My latest thoughts on Magento, Magento 2 and Magento Enterprise.

Magento is an ecommerce platform I love working with, having built my first Magento website shortly after its launch in 2007. I offer Magento consultancy services if you’re after help with your own Magento website.

  • Magento 2 Entity Management – Michael Woodward

    Magento North East event - Magento 2 Entity Management, 2017

    September’s Magento North East saw Michael Woodward of Magento agency JH speak on Magento 2 Entity Management.

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  • Technically reviewed Magento 2 Theme Design book

    Magento 2 Theme Design book

    I acted as technical reviewer on the recently released Magento 2 Theme Design book.

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  • 3 things you learn as Magento developers

    Being a Magento web developer puts me in a fairly small minority of web developers in the UK.

    From endless Xmen jokes to sharing Magento’s love of XML, here are some of the things I’ve come across as a long term Magento developer.

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  • Everything Magento

    We’ve worked with Magento for years at Peacock Carter. It’s a fantastic ecommerce platform – and that’s not just me saying that, it’s clients as well! We have a deserved, but hard-earned, reputation in the North East and the UK as expert Magento consultants, and this has shown in how we’ve developed our Magento offering at Peacock… Read more »

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  • Peacock Carter York, Yorkshire’s new web design agency

    Amongst client work, we’ve been working on the refresh for Peacock Carter York, which represents our web design/digital agency services in York and Yorkshire. This refresh has been one of both content and design; the old site was a few years old (quite how old, I forget), and had been pretty neglected until recently. We’ve… Read more »

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  • ‘CMS design/integration’ – notes from my SuperMondays talk

    I’ve included my (hastily written-up) notes from the SuperMondays talk I did last week (Slideshare link), entitled ‘CMS design/integration’ (original, I know!). Introduction Creative Director at Peacock Carter Ltd, a Newcastle-based web design agency Author of 4 books in theming: Magento 1.3 and Magento 1.4 MediaWiki Joomla! 1.5 Technical reviewer on more: Drupal 7 (x2)… Read more »

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  • Magento 1.4 Themes Design book

    I’m pleased to announce the release of my fourth book, Magento 1.4 Themes Design. Magento 1.4 Themes Design is aimed at web designers and developers who don’t have any experience of theming (i.e., customising the look and feel of) the Magento ecommerce platform, or for those who have experience of Magento 1.3 but not Magento… Read more »

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    An age-old post topic (see David Airey’s, Andy Clarke, etc), so thought it was about time I got round to doing a URL ABC myself. The premise is simple: for each letter of the alphabet, you’re meant to pick the first entry in your browser’s history. Being the awkward so-and-so I am, I’ve disabled history… Read more »

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