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Newcastle upon Tyne is my home, and have been for 8 years and counting. I love this city: the river, the quayside, the accents, the architecture, and the people.

In the North East of England, Newcastle is under three hours by train to the centre of London, and only an hour and a half to Edinburgh, too. My business, Peacock Carter Ltd, is based just across the river these days, on Gateshead quayside.

  • Meeting rooms to hire in Newcastle upon Tyne

    This is something (pre-pandemic!) I always struggled with – finding meeting rooms in Newcastle upon Tyne, so here’s my list of venues now I’ve remembered to type my thoughts up. Whilst our offices have meeting rooms and space available, it’s not always fit for purpose: for WordPress training courses or larger client meetings, I prefer… Read more »

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  • Another WordPress course training in Newcastle

    WordPress training courses in Newcastle upon Tyne

    There are many WordPress training providers offering courses in both Newcastle and the remainder of the UK, but is the content relevant to your business?

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  • 3 things you learn as Magento developers

    Being a Magento web developer puts me in a fairly small minority of web developers in the UK.

    From endless Xmen jokes to sharing Magento’s love of XML, here are some of the things I’ve come across as a long term Magento developer.

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  • Cathedrals & Cola: Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

    What else is an idle mind to do, except create a list of cathedrals I’ve visited around the UK, and whether they serve Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

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  • Peacock Carter is 8!

    Wahey! Peacock Carter is 8 years old this November. 8 years in the same business: quite a daunting thought! As I’m sure many other SME owners and staff can attest, there is a lot of room for change in 8 years: We’re now a limited company, having started as a partnership Almost like the Sugababes,… Read more »

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  • 360 Champagne Bar, MetroCentre Platinum Mall

    Being a Twitter addict pays off on occasion: Graham had a +1 for a press preview night at the new 360 Champagne Bar in MetroCentre’s Platinum Mall, and not wanting free champagne to go to waste, I was obliged to join him. I think the cynical side of me (“a champagne bar? In Gateshead?” )… Read more »

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  • Newcastle Uni Students

    The last few weeks have been an eye in a storm of client work, so we took the break to build an internal project: Newcastle Uni Students, a directory website for students at Newcastle and Northumbria universities, with content for freshers at Newcastle university. We already run a directory website for Durham Students, so this was… Read more »

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  • jQuery training course by Richard Powell

    I had the chance to go on a jQuery training course recently, led by Richard Powell. jQuery is was one of my weaker areas, and after Shaun had gone on the course the other month and come back happier than he left, I figured it was about turn I went! I was impressed with Richard’s knowledge… Read more »

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