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  • Introducing Play Do Learn – workshops for museums & schools

    Play Do Learn - workshops for museums and schools in the UK

    I’ve been running workshops for museums and schools for quite some time now, and felt it was about time to group that side of work under a name that fit – and that’s how Play Do Learn came about. Peacock Carter has offered WordPress training and other web design training for designers and website managers… Read more »

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  • 4 reasons people procrastinate…and how to fix them

    What’s the difference between a good year, and a great year? The answer may be procrastination. Notes from a great session by Joshua Riffe at Tech North’s Founders Network.

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  • The cost of a dog

    Diesel the lurcher

    A tally of Diesel the Lurcher’s costs – from things he’s eaten he shouldn’t have done, to destroyed toys and furniture. Good job he’s cute!

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  • Another WordPress course training in Newcastle

    WordPress training courses in Newcastle upon Tyne

    There are many WordPress training providers offering courses in both Newcastle and the remainder of the UK, but is the content relevant to your business?

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  • 3 things you learn as Magento developers

    Being a Magento web developer puts me in a fairly small minority of web developers in the UK.

    From endless Xmen jokes to sharing Magento’s love of XML, here are some of the things I’ve come across as a long term Magento developer.

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  • Now organising Ecommerce North East meetup

    Speaking at Ecommerce North East

    I’m happy to announce I’m now co-organising the Ecommerce North East meetup held here in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    This is a great fit with what I do on the day-to-day basis, and it’s exciting to be able to take the reins of this already thriving ecommerce group.

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  • Cathedrals & Cola: Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

    What else is an idle mind to do, except create a list of cathedrals I’ve visited around the UK, and whether they serve Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

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  • Why I love web consultancy work

    This week, a 12 month web design consultancy contract I’ve been working on came to an end, and the client immediately invited me back the following week to look at renewing it for an extended period: something I’m very happy about! The train journey back from London gave me time to reflect on why I… Read more »

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