Introducing Play Do Learn – workshops for museums & schools

Play Do Learn - workshops for museums and schools in the UK

9 August 2019

I’ve been running workshops for museums and schools for quite some time now, and felt it was about time to group that side of work under a name that fit – and that’s how Play Do Learn came about.

Peacock Carter has offered WordPress training and other web design training for designers and website managers pretty much since we started in 2006, and we naturally developed a wider range of topics over the years to cater for knowledge clients felt was missing from their own inhouse teams.

Focusing on science-themed workshops and STEM activities for schools and museums, Play Do Learn aims to educate, entertain and engage with a variety of workshops encompassing science, engineering and programming.

One workshop I’m particularly excited about is Turing Tumble workshops – a great way to teach the fundamentals of programming using marble-powered computers. I suspect it’s going to be a popular one, too – and rightly so. Getting younger people interested in programming and software development is key to support the UK’s growing digital industry, and it’s going to be exciting to have a small part in that!