Drupal Commerce Cookbook

Drupal Commerce Cookbook cover photo

Building Ecommerce Sites with Drupal Commerce Cookbook  by Richard Carter is a guide to the Drupal Commerce ecommerce suite of modules for the popular Drupal content management system.

Published June 2013 .ISBN13 9781782161226, Packt Publishing.

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What Drupal Commerce Cookbook contains

The Drupal Commerce Cookbook walks unfamiliar web designers and developers and store owners through setting up and customising their Drupal Commerce store.

  1. Installing and Configuring Drupal Commerce
  2. Configuring Products with Drupal Commerce
  3. Managing Your Drupal Commerce Store Day-to-day
  4. Useful Modules for Drupal Commerce
  5. Payment and Shipping Modules for Drupal Commerce
  6. Drupal Commerce Search Engine Optimization
  7. Theming Drupal Commerce
  8. Further Configuration

Chapters were technically reviewed by Commerce Guys, the people behind Drupal Commerce.

About the author

This is my fifth book: previous publications include MediaWiki Skins Design and Magento 1.4 Themes Design. I am director at Peacock Carter Ltd, a web design agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and a seasoned ecommerce consultant.