Introduction to web design training course

Introduction to website design courses in the UK

My Introduction to Web Design training courses are designed for those seeking a well structured

I’ve trained people ranging from single freelancers to inhouse design teams at Edinburgh University in building professional websites using modern web standards. With 12+ years of commercial web design experience, I’ve built websites for clients including the NHS and international businesses, and am passionate about sharing my knowledge with others who are willing to learn.

There is plenty of material online to learn web design for yourself, but this training course can help accelerate your knowledge of website design in just a few days by learning hands-on.

Thank you very much for the training. Well-crafted and delivered in a fashion where we could all understand.

Introduction to web design course modules

Whilst I tailor content to each session to try and match a trainee’s level of knowledge and learning pace, there are some common modules of content:

  1. Introduction to HTML – HyperText Markup Language provides the building blocks of website design, giving the web browser
  2. Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets – CSS provides the ability to style the content provided in HTML documents
  3. Responsive web design – find out about “the grid”, and how to use it to build mobile-friendly, responsive web pages
  4. Introduction to accessible website design – covers the fundamental knowledge you need to build modern, accessible websites
  5. Using Sass – a CSS preprocessor, which can make your life writing CSS a lot, lot easier!
  6. Creating websites with the Bootstrap – use the Bootstrap CSS framework to give you a boost and increase your productivity when building responsive websites
  7. WordPress theming – learn how to put your HTML and CSS knowledge in to practice by building custom WordPress themes (using a Bootstrap parent theme)
  8. Magento theming basics – learn how to theme for the Magento ecommerce platform*

* Denotes modules which require a little more technical knowledge than the others.

Is this course for you? Prerequisites

The pace was just right, and we covered everything I wanted to cover plus lots more that I wasn’t even aware of.
You were able to answer all my questions!

Also, the venue was excellent, nice and quiet, and it was great that all the software and internet connections worked so smoothly. Parking arrangements were fine and the venue is very easy to get to.

  • I assume very little knowledge for delegates; we start from the ground up to make sure you have an understanding of the fundamentals of website design. So, don’t worry if you don’t know anything (yet!) – but being technically capable of using and text editors on your chosen laptop would be handy.
  • Do you have an interest in building websites to a modern, professional standard? This course gives you the knowledge to jump ahead by learning from a senior web designer (me!)
  • Want to learn web design? My introduction to web design training courses are for you! Learn from web designer with 12+ years commercial experience.
  • Are you a graphic designer who wants to branch out and build websites for your clients?
  • Are you an inhouse web designer who wants to improve your skills?

Course format

The training course is well structured and informal. Whilst there is content is provided on slides, delegates are given tasks throughout the sessions in a “learn by doing” manner, which has been tried and tested on many previous cohorts of budding web designers.

Delegates will need to bring a laptop to participate in the learning exercises throughout the training course. I can run the training course either in a dedicated room at my offices on Gateshead quayside (just across the river from Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England), or at your chosen premises in the UK. I can recommend training spaces in most major UK cities; we’ll need a reasonable wifi connection, and a larger projector is ideal too.

The training course schedule for Introduction to web design is typically as follows, and some courses may run over a number of days depending on the course content required:

  • Introduction: a chance for me to get an idea of attendees’ experience levels and what they’re hoping to learn from the course, so I can tailor content to that
  • Course module
  • (Break)
  • Course module
  • (Lunch)
  • Course module
  • (Break)
  • Course module – typically in a workshop-style

If you would like to book an Introduction to web design training course, please contact me via

Please note: training courses are not currently available as public sessions, and are booked for either direct one-on-one tuition, or tuition of a group within a single organisation.