MediaWiki training courses in the UK

As part of my work as a MediaWiki consultant, I provide MediaWiki training courses.

The training courses can be tailored to you or your organisation’s needs, with the focus on whichever aspect of MediaWiki you require. Example courses may be an introductory course to MediaWiki, explaining how to add and edit content in your wiki, or more advanced MediaWiki training for web designers or web developers looking to learn how to customise the software themselves.

Typical MediaWiki training course content

Typical MediaWiki training courses are tailored to the clients’ individual needs, but can include:

  • Introduction to MediaWiki
  • Basic formatting – bold, italic formatting
  • Images in MediaWiki
  • Categories and categorisation of content in MediaWiki
  • MediaWiki templates
  • Transclusion of templates
  • Search Engine Optimisation for MediaWiki

MediaWiki experience

MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter

My MediaWiki experience encompasses custom MediaWiki skin design and development for a wide range of clients including NHS Direct and acting as a technical reviewer for the book MediaWiki 1.1 Beginners Guide and authoring MediaWiki Skins Design too.

If you’d like to arrange a MediaWiki training course, please contact me.