Equality South West

12 September 2011

Finally, a work-related post! I’m happy to announce the release of Equality South West’s new website, one of the larger of many projects I’ve worked on in the past year or so at Peacock Carter.

Simply, the project incorporated a redesign of Equality South West’s existing website, and redevelopment of their fairly substantial member database, knowledgebase and online events-booking system, which we built on Peacock Carter’s own CMS.

About Equality South West

I’ve embedded a YouTube video about them below (see Equality South West’s YouTube channel for more), partly because it gets straight to the point of what they do, but also because it was the informal, all-inclusive style of this video which inspired the design the client decided upon. The puerile me liked it because he got to pretend to ‘design’ whilst creating stickman battle scenes.

They were also a great client to work for, responsive to our ideas, and willing to bend to the limitations and freedom the web presents, and, oddly enough, I’ve not met any of the team at Equality South West in person! There’s a more detailed case study of the Equality South West project and all it entailed over on Peacock Carter’s website.

You can see the new website at equalitysouthwest.org.uk.