Peacock Carter is 10 years old

UK web design consultant, Richard Carter

1 November 2016

My web design agency, Peacock Carter, is 10 years old today. There’s a more formal post over on Peacock Carter’s website, but here’s some reminiscing for the softer-at-heart.

In some ways, the time has flown by, but when I look back over the 10 years, both the company and myself have

10 years of clients

We’re a small web design agency, and we’ve pulled in some great clients you may have heard:

  • Directgov (back in the days before Gov.UK was launched!)
  • NHS Direct
  • Business Link (again, back when it existed)
  • the NHS (once again!)
  • the International Life Sciences Institute
  • City & Guilds
  • University College Dublin
  • the University of Edinburgh

Alongside the bigger names, we’ve had a lovely range of smaller clients, some of whom have grown with us; it’s always great to see the work we do make significant contributions to the success of our clients!

10 years of landmarks

  • We started as the rather pompously-named Peacock, Carter & Associates. That didn’t last too long before we adopted the shorter “Peacock Carter”.
  • We’ve moved around a little bit: starting in a bedroom in Durham, we moved in to offices in Gateshead a year afterwards. From there, we moved in to Newcastle upon Tyne near Central Station.
  • Our time and money has done a lot of good around the North East, and wider UK. Causes include the fantastic Fairy Bricks and that stunning icon of the North East, Durham Cathedral