New! Shopify ecommerce development

UK Shopify development and consultancy by Richard Carter

10 July 2017

A recent new addition to our ecommerce offering at Peacock Carter is Shopify design & development.

I’ve long been aware of the Shopify platform, but have started working with clients wanting to explore Shopify as a platform for their own ecommerce needs.

Shopify development (…and Magento, still)!

Anyone who knows me even vaguely will know what a huge fan of the Magento platform I am, but you will likely also know that no one platform suits every client. After a lot of deliberation, I chose Shopify as a platform that fulfilled our needs for clients I didn’t feel Magento would work for. I still intend on working closely with Magento, as it’s a platform – and community – that continue to impress me.

Predominantly, these have been smaller clients on a lower budget than a traditional Magento store design and build would cost, which is where Shopify is a winner – the service-as-a-software format Shopify offers for ecommerce allows store owners to focus their budgets on the design and features they’d like, and takes away the costs associated with applying software and security updates to platforms such as Magento.

Shopify development seems more prevalent to me as a skillset among developers, so it will be interesting to see how project proposals fare in a potentially more competitive market; I’m still confident Peacock Carter’s record on ecommerce websites will put us in a strong position on this point.

I’m excited to work with a new breed of clients who want to work with an experienced ecommerce web designer on a decent ecommerce platform like Shopify. Part of its appeal to me as web designer is that I can focus on the design and conversion side of things for a client rather than worrying about security updates, and I look forward to seeing what this extra time gains for my clients.

New to Shopify? Here’s a good point to start: an article on Peacock Carter on whether Shopify is right for your business.