Drupal 7 Business Solutions

Drupal 7 Business Solutions book

Drupal 7 Business Solutions (Packt Publishing) provides the reader with guides through creating common ‘site blueprints’ in the Drupal content management system. I acted as a technical reviewer for the book, on behalf of the publisher.

Chapter list for Drupal 7 Business Solutions

A full chapter list is available on the publisher’s website.

  1. Introducing Drupal 7
  2. Creating the Artisan Bakers Collective Web Site
  3. Adding Products and Services
  4. Interacting with Customers and Visitors
  5. Creating a Company Blog
  6. Newsletters and Calendars
  7. Buzzword Compliance
  8. Freebies and Downloads
  9. Online Orders and Payments
  10. Image Galleries and Slideshows
  11. Keeping a Clean Kitchen

About Richard Carter

Richard Carter is a seasoned web designer and frontend developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. He is also a technical reviewer of web design and related books, and an author himself.

Trevor James
Packt Publishing