360 Champagne Bar, MetroCentre Platinum Mall

15 August 2012

Being a Twitter addict pays off on occasion: Graham had a +1 for a press preview night at the new 360 Champagne Bar in MetroCentre’s Platinum Mall, and not wanting free champagne to go to waste, I was obliged to join him.

360 Champagne Bar, in platinum mall in the MetroCentre in Gateshead. Copyright Soult's Retail View

I think the cynical side of me (“a champagne bar? In Gateshead?” ) is now a convert: the incoming platinum mall changes – slightly more upmarket shops – and the open air feel to it really work; it’s much more relaxed in feeling than the sometimes raucous Ebony champagne bar in Durham, which can only really be described as a ‘zoo’ on a Saturday night. The staff, I was told, are all based on their ability to bring someone more than pouring champagne: one guy in particular was really quick with card tricks!

Part of my interest (aside from the free champagne, obviously) was in getting the champagne bar’s details on to our student directory websites; as such, 360 Champagne Bar is now online in our Newcastle Uni Students website. Of course, if you want a more sensible review, Graham has duly obliged, with his usual retail twist. (Note to self: link to Graham’s blog).

Photo courtesy of Soult’s Retail View, because I was too lazy to remember to take any whilst I was there.