Everything Magento

2 September 2015

We’ve worked with Magento for years at Peacock Carter. It’s a fantastic ecommerce platform – and that’s not just me saying that, it’s clients as well!

We have a deserved, but hard-earned, reputation in the North East and the UK as expert Magento consultants, and this has shown in how we’ve developed our Magento offering at Peacock Carter recently. We have developed a range of new Magento services to cater for the demand we’ve found alongside our more traditional Magento consultancy work:

  • Magento website audits: sadly, with Magento becoming more popular as an ecommerce platform, web design agencies attempt to take on Magento projects and make a mess of it; there’s a particular learning curve to Magento development which training courses are a great “short cut” in to overcoming that curve
  • Magento Enterprise consultancy: the licensed Enterprise platform is something we’ve worked with for years, but have never really offered separately. With recent projects over the past year or so, we’ve developed our skills hugely on the Enterprise platform
  • Magento website migration: one of the side effects of Magento’s (well earned!) popularity is that more merchants want to move to Magento. Migrating an ecommerce store can be a painful experience – it’s not just product data that needs to be moved, but customer accounts, order histories and more, to ensure that the new store is not presenting a barrier to your sales – and Peacock Carter have had a lot of experience now in migrating from other platforms to Magento

I’m also looking forward to speak at the Ecommerce North East user group this month on the topic of Magento: it’s important to us as a leading Magento agency to spread our knowledge, and help ensure other agencies and freelancers are aware of best practices. For one thing, that will make our job easier!