Google Plus pages for business

8 November 2011

Google+ has grown up, and introduced pages for businesses recently. Google Plus’ pages come after Google’s insistence after launch that profiles must remain for individuals and not businesses and organisation, creating (quite rightly) speculation that Google was enforcing a strict line on this to ensure the success of the launch of its pages.

I’ve been playing this afternoon, and have created Peacock Carter Ltd’s Google+ page as a playground. You can create your own Google+ page at

It looks like pages in Google+ are treated very much like they are in Facebook, in terms of their ability to interact with individual profiles in Google+; i.e., it’s fairly limited (you’re only able to interact with an account as a page once that account has you in one or more circles).

The only snagging point I’ve found so far is that switching between my individual Google+ account and the page isn’t quite as smooth as it appears in Facebook at the moment – I can easily change back from the page to my own profile, but haven’t found an easy way to switch from my own Google+ profile back to the page at this point.

Next stop: seeing how Google+ copes with multiple pages.

Edit:  page management in Google Plus

Aha, I’ve discovered the trick to switching between pages in Google Plus: it hides the drop-down list until you click your profile’s name in the top-left of the screen. From there, you’ll text along the lines of ‘2 pages’, and you can click this and select the relevant page from a drop-down.