Gourmet 2 Go, Newcastle takeaway

11 November 2011

Living in a fairly student-y area of Newcastle, we get a lot of takeaway leaflets through the door. Largely, these are a fairly predictable split between pizzas, curry and Chinese, so when I saw the menu for Gourmet 2 Go come through the door, I was impressed. Well, impressed by the menu, not impressed by the text-speak in a supposedly ‘upmarket’ company name!

The offer pizzas, with a selection of ‘gourmet’ toppings – you can get parma ham, goats cheese and other unusual, middle-class toppings – as well as gourmet burgers, onion rings and ‘proper’ chips. Their menu is online.

Posh takeaway; unposh prices

And yet, their pizzas are still about half the price of equivalents at Domino’s or Papa John’s, and made with more care than I expect the chain pizza takeaways to make!

And yes, I know ‘unposh’ isn’t a real word, but if Shakespeare can make up words, so can I.

Beware, though – they advertise their opening hours as 6pm – 4am everyday, and yet they almost certainly don’t stick to them during the week – they actually seem to close around 12am or 1am during the week. Not that I blame them; a bit on the ambitious side to keep up 7 days a week!

They’ve got a website at gourmet2go.co.uk, though it’s fairly poor (text as images, anyone?), but not poor enough to put me off their pizzas.