Peacock Carter York, Yorkshire’s new web design agency

30 April 2012

Amongst client work, we’ve been working on the refresh for Peacock Carter York, which represents our web design/digital agency services in York and Yorkshire.

This refresh has been one of both content and design; the old site was a few years old (quite how old, I forget), and had been pretty neglected until recently.

We’ve got clients spread fairly widely across the UK, but a noticeable scattering around York and North Yorkshire thanks to their close proximity to us in Newcastle, which we’ve built on in the last few years thanks to this site. I think – though I may be wrong (it’s been known) – that part of our success with this is the lack of web design agencies in York/North Yorkshire who don’t offer (or don’t explicitly advertise) particular services we do, such as Magento websites or WordPress powered websites.

They may well use these technologies, but they’re barely mentioned on websites in the region. This isn’t necessarily, of course, a bad thing: the end client probably doesn’t care what their website is built in, so long as it functions and attracts customers!

One thing I’m particularly pleased with for Peacock Carter York’s website is the clean design: in many ways I feel I prefer it over Peacock Carter’s latest redesign for our main website!