Cathedrals & Cola: Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

24 March 2016

Of the many stupid varied ideas that have come in to my head, the idea of recording whether each cathedral in England (based on good ol’ Wikipedia’s list) sold Pepsi or Coca-Cola has been one of the winners. (Can you imagine the ideas which didn’t make it this far?!).

This probably stems from a long term obsession with cathedral cafés, team rooms and restaurants, as well as spending a lot of time next to the Cathedral’s restaurant as a regular volunteer for Durham Cathedral in LEGO.

So, here’s my (work in progress) list of English Cathedrals and their preference for carbonated soft drinks:

The list: Coke vs Pepsi at England’s Cathedrals

Cathedral name Coke or Pepsi? Date visited
Durham Cathedral
Cathedral Church of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Cuthbert
Coca-Cola March 2016
Leicester Cathedral Coca-Cola March 2016
Newcastle Cathedral
Cathedral Church of St Nicholas
n/a – no café March 2016