Drupal North East

1 May 2011

Just a quick post for those NE-based Drupal nerds about Drupal North East, the newly formed Drupal user group for the North East of England.

Drupal North East user group logo

The first meet-up for Drupal NE was on Wednesday, 20th April, at 7:30 at my old favourite the Bridge Hotel. The plan is to hold regular (i.e., monthly) events, and the easiest way to stay up to date is by following the Twitter account, @drupalne and registering on the Drupal North East website. It looks like the next event is Wednesday, 25th May (check the website to confirm the venue!).

Hat tips

A few hat tips are due; firstly, to Adam Hill of Consult & Design fame for starting it; Richard Burford of Freestyle Systems for the theming. Oh, and a pat on the back to me for the logo and website design!