3 things you learn as Magento developers

23 June 2016

Being a Magento web developer puts me in a fairly small minority of web developers in the UK. From endless Xmen jokes to sharing Magento’s love of XML, here are some of the things I’ve come across as a long term Magento developer.

1. You definitely will get sick of people calling it “Magneto”, and X-Men jokes

I’ve heard just about every X-Men joke possible. If you spell Magento wrong, it does look like an X-Men character. I get it. Every Magento developer gets it. We’ve heard it a million times! ;)

I’ve worked with Magento since 2008, so even if I wanted to spell “Magneto” instead of “Magento” it takes a lot of concentration these days.

At least Google accepts you’re trying to spell Magento these days, though!

2. Magento loves XML

Configuration. Layout in themes. Everything that could potentially be done in XML, is done in XML in Magento.

As a Magento developer, you will come to love XML.

3. Developers fear Magento (?)

A more serious point: a lot of web developers seem to fear the unknown. They’ve heard that Magento is has a steep learning curve, but haven’t tried it to assess for themselves. Magento definitely does have a learning curve (especially up against platforms such as WordPress), but these days there is plenty of great documentation on Magento for developers.